Micah Linton

Artist MATP



I am an artist and creative expression facilitator in Venice, California. Currently I'm working with homeless youths as part of UCLA's Creative Minds Project and creating Virtual Reality experiences for my company, Vection Labs.

The universe is a giant Rorshach ink-blot.

—  Alan Watts


As a way of inner knowing, creativity involves openness to new experiences. Each project I am involved in acts in a progressive manner that has led to sense of self-awareness.

I aim to provide methodologies that foster personal growth through the visual arts. Mindfulness, meditation, and use of the active imagination are essential to my work as a creative expression facilitator.



Acrylic & Oil Paintings

3DS MAX - Mudbox - Unity

Hand & Photoshop Illustration

After Effects - Premier - Trapcode


MATP Master of Transpersonal Psychology Sofia University


BFA Computer Art

Savannah College of Art and Design